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Welcome to Buzz Academy.  First off, let me say congrats for joining the team.  Wait!  What did you say?  You’re not a member?  Well, let’s fix that with you signing up here first and then head on back to this page.  We have a great support community behind our program and it’s very straight forward.

There are 3 ways of making extra income with Traffic-Buzz and we will break each one down in sections and detail.

Affiliate Sign-Ups and Sales

Making extra income with your affiliate link is very easy.  All one has to do is head on over to your affiliate page of  Simply copy your affiliate link and paste to your social media pages, emails and campaigns if your an advanced marketer.  As of now, the pay scale for new signups includes:  Bringing someone on as a new client or bringing someone on to work as an affiliate for Traffic-Buzz.   Every affiliate sale brought on board is set to $0.02 commissions.

Let’s check this out in greater detail below:


Head to the Dashboard and click on Referrals.

Below you can see where to grab your affiliate link and any of your referrals will show up underneath.

Share your link to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of your social networks. Don’t forget about Emails, Forums and Free Classified Ads.  These can be invaluable in the information sharing and networking for new signups and affiliate members.


Surfing the Exchanger

Ah yes – the Exchanger.  Yes, you can use the Exchanger to build massive points to collect and then cash out when your cash balance reaches $50.00 and above.

Getting started with the Exchanger is easy – just follow these steps:

 1. Head to Traffic Exchanger tab or the Sessions Slot tab.

2.  Click on add new session.



3.  Click on web session to surf with your browser.

4.  Click start browsing and enjoy your surfing and earning points.

Software Session Surfing

1.  First download the Exchanger software to your computer and set it up.

2.  Click on add new session.

3.  Click on software session and launch the software that you installed to your computer.  Start surfing.

Pro tip:  Having many slot sessions open makes your points grow faster.  You are multiplying your surfing points with more slots open.

Reselling Traffic-Buzz Exchange Traffic

One of the best options is to resell the traffic that is generated from the Exchanger software.  How you ask?  Very simple.  All that is required, is to have an active account with Traffic-Buzz.  When you upgrade and buy packages, you are buying more slots to fill the website slots.  Let’s say you upgrade to a $7.00 package and that gives you 20 website slots.  You can turn around and sell each of those slots to your clients for whatever amount you feel like charging.  What we suggest is for you to do some research on your freelancing sites to check out the going rates in your region.  Alternatively, there are sites like Upwork and Fiverr that you can list traffic services on and then use our service to supply your clients the traffic they need.

And there you have it in a nutshell.  3 ways you can earn with Traffic-Buzz today!

And start earning!


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